All-Inclusive Candle Making Kit With Wax And Fragrance Oils



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1. Candle Making Kit- This Candle making kit lets you enjoy the fun of DIY and the elegance from soy scented candles.

2. All Natural – the soy wax pillar in this soy candle making kit is 100% made from natural soy oil. Applying the wax to your hands can prevent dry skin. All natural Soy Wax burns long and smokeless, without the harmful chemicals found in traditional paraffin Wax.

3. Candle Making Kit with Essential Oils – 4 different scented essential oils (Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Jasmine) are refined from pure natural plant essences so the fragrance is not pungent, which makes you feel relaxed and calm down. Our Candle Making Kit also includes 4 different color blocks, which you can mix and match with essential oils as you like.

4. Easy to make – with the detailed step-by-step instructions included in the package, making a scented candle becomes simple and fun, both beginners and professionals can easily complete a piece of their own artwork through this candle making kit.

5. Versatile – this organic candle-making kit is a great gift for family and friends and a great time out. Place scented candles in your living room or bedroom to purify the air. Restaurants and shops can also use it to create atmosphere and attract customers.



Wax color: white
Container material/color: tinplate/solid color
Product size: about 26*17*15cm/10.24*6.69*5.91in
Product weight/g/oz: about 1950g/68.78oz
Candle material: beeswax
Candle net weight/g/oz: about 800g/28.2oz
Wick material: lead-free fiber cotton wick
Wick size: about 12.5cm/4.92in
Single container net weight/g/oz: about 35g/1.2oz

Packing List:

4*Pack of 200g Beeswax
1*900ml Stainless Steel Melting Pot
12*2.5oz Pure Silver Candle Tin
6*Fixed Clip
5*Silicone Mold
2*Sheets of Adhesive Dots (112 pieces)
50*12.5cm/4.92in(about) Wick
6*Bottles of Fragrance Oils (for rose, lemon, lavender, vanilla, fig, spring respectively)
6*Pack of Color Dye (each pack of 2, red, blue, yellow, wine red, green, orange)

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