Starter Candle Making Kit With Wax and Fragrance Tin Cans (CN)



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Everything you need to make your own candles!


A complete starter set: Contains all tools for making candles, 1 melting pot, 2 packs of beeswax (120g/pack), 1 sticker, 2 central appliances, 50 long wicks, 20 short wicks, 1 stirrer Spoons, 4 candle tin cans with lids, 10 plastic candle cans, 2 bottles of essential oil, 4 color blocks, 1 instruction manual.

Easy to operate: Can complete the seemingly complicated candle production process with simple tools, and make your own candles as needed. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this DIY candle making kit allows you to easily make your own candles. Enjoy DIY with kids and make your weekend happy and meaningful.

4 portable reusable tin cans: Portable tin can candles, can be carried around. After the candle is completely burned, you can use tin as an ornament to store some of your favorite items, such as plants, small ornaments, keys or jewelry, etc., or give it as a gift to children.

A hobby for creative people, a way to increase family atmosphere and cultivate practical skills.


Size: about 21.5*13*17cm/8.46*5.12*6.69in
Weight: 650g
Wax color: white
Candle material: beeswax
Wax core material: lead-free fiber cotton core

Packing List:

Stainless Steel Cup*1
120g Beeswax*2
Wax Core Clip*2
Candle Tin Can with Lid*4
Plastic Candle Jar*10
Long Wax Core*50
Short Wax Core*20
Essential Oil*1
Color Block*4
Manual *1


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