Classic Handmade Singing Bowl With Suede Mallet 4.3 Inch


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Handmade singing bowls are unparalleled in beauty and quality.  In accordance with an ancient Tibetan formula, each bowl is carefully hand-crafted with Himalayan metal (Sanskrit-panchaloga) by skilled Tibetan artisans using traditional techniques. They have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet our highest quality control standards. which means that they have been determined to be of master quality.

Our bowls create an incredible sound with rich, warm and vibrant overtones. And, the dual surface mallet’s wood surface brings out high tones while leather exterior creates low tones that instantly restore peace and harmony within the mind and body. As a result, These singing bowls are among the finest for aesthetic quality, richness of sound, sustainment of tone, and ease and smoothness of playing.

The vibrations created by a singing bowl benefit the body by reducing stress, positively affecting the nervous and immune systems, combating depression, and balancing the chakras.Widely used for chakra healing, crystal clearing, mindfulness, creative thinking, soothing music & well-being.

Material: Copper Body & Wooden Hammer
Production process: Hand forging and engraving
Pattern: Random pattern with mantra or buddha eye
Size: 11cm / 4.3 inch
Weight: 350g(0.78lb)

Package Included:
1 x Singing Bowl
1 x Sheepskin Hand Mallet
1 x Bowl Cushion(random color)

1. Each singing bowl set is hand selected & inspected to ensure the best sound and quality before shipping.
2. Wonderful tone easy to play & relaxing sound. Produces energetic and vibrating sounds which provided stress free relaxation.
3. These singing bowls can be used for meditation, music, relaxation, personal well being, healing energy  etc.

Please note these are metal handmade items and might show signs of workmanship such as smears, small indentations etc.

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11cm(4.33inches), 12.5cm(4.95inches), 14.5cm(5.7inches), 9.5cm(3.75inches)

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