Grounded Colored Fitted/Flat Bed Sheets


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Revolutionary comfort and health benefits of our fully fitted grounding/earthing bed sheets, designed to provide whole-body grounding while you sleep. Merging modern technology with classic comfort, these sheets are a perfect blend of innovation and luxury.

Material Quality Crafted from cotton, these sheets offer unparalleled softness and breathability. The fabric is interwoven with highly conductive, yet incredibly soft, silver fibers. This unique composition ensures both durability and effective grounding capabilities.

Conductive Silver Integration The standout feature of these sheets is the incorporation of conductive silver fibers. Each sheet contains a remarkable amount of silver, ranging from 1/3 to 2/3 of a mile, depending on the size of the sheet. This extensive integration of silver fibers ensures an even and consistent grounding experience throughout the entire surface of the sheet.

Sizes and Compatibility Our grounding bed sheets come in a variety of sizes to fit all standard beds. The fully fitted design ensures a snug and secure fit on any mattress, enhancing both the grounding effect and your sleeping experience.

Easy Maintenance Despite the high-tech integration of silver fibers, these sheets are as easy to care for as regular cotton sheets. They are machine washable and maintain their grounding effectiveness over time, making them a practical and valuable addition to your bedding collection.

Kit includes:

1 *  EARTHING sheet OR  Pillow Case

1 *  5meters grounding cords

1 *   Plug adapter

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Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Small stripe, WHITE, Blue stripe, Dark Gray, Light Yellow, Orange


FittedSheet 38.98 x 79.92, Fittedsheet 53.94 x 79.92, Fittedsheet 60.24 x 79.92, FittedSheet 72.05 x 79.92, FittedSheet 77.95 x 79.92, Flat Sheet 23.62 x 104.33, Flat Sheet 35.43 x 104.33, Pillow Case (Queen), Pillow Case(King)


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