Grounded Silver Fabric Portable Earthing Pad – Grey


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Grounded Plush Silver Sleep/Seating Pad. It’s easily portable so you can take it with you when you travel.

Made of silver plated rip-stop fabric with 100% silver plated on the base fabric of ripstop polyamide / nylon (consisting of 20% silver and 80% polyamide). So it has good conductive / shielding performance as well as actual textile characteristics.


18 x 18 Inch(46*46cm)

20 x 27.5 (40*70cm)

23.5 X 75 Inch (60*190cm)

31.5 x 75 Inch(80*190cm)

Package Includes:

1* Grounded Plush Pad (Grey)

1* Grounded cord 16.5 Foot ( 5 meters)


This item ships from outside the USA with trackable courier.

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18inch x 18inch, 19.6in x 27.5in, 23.6inch x 74.8inch, 31inch x 74.8inch


With US cord, With USB cord

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