Crystal Handle Bowl 6″ CDEFGAB Quartz Crystal With Free Purple Case


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440Hz 6″ Chakra Tuned Hollow Handle Clear Crystal Singing Bowl

Our crystals are manufactured from 99.99% pure quartz crystal, and are the finest, pristine, crystal singing pyramid. The crushed quartz is heated to at least 1800 degrees in the manufacturing. Then, they are tested to determine the musical note.

Each crystal will be inspected strictly before dispatch. The sound is amazing, clear, strong and deep, and rich vibration resonate with the power to heal, when you play the crystal, you are not just performing a sound therapy, but also a crystal healing that is extremely penetrating.

Package Includes:

1 piece Crystal Handle – 440Hz 6″ – Choice of note

1 piece Suede Mallet

1 piece Purple Bag

Any broken or lost during transit, will be replaced quickly for free.

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Note A Third eye, Note B Crown, Note C Root, Note D Navel, Note E Solar Plexus, Note F Heart, Note G Throat


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